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For several years I have provided the 'Computer Corner' articles
in the Colyton 'Church and Community' magazine and the Highbridge parish magazine. The articles answer common computer questions step by step in plain English. A great number of computer users found the articles very helpful. As a result, I received many requests to publish them in book form.

However, a book would be expensive and time consuming to produce. Also a book cannot be updated cheaply and easily to keep pace with fast changing computers and programs.

Therefore, I have designed this website which contains all the 'Computer Corner' articles in an easily searchable format.

I will update the website and enhanced it at regular intervals. You may suggest additional items for the website, click the 'Send Content Suggestion' on the menu above.

If you find the website helpful, your might wish to make a small donation towards the cost of providing it and maintaining it.

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We try to give you the best possible advice and all the advice has been tested successfully.
However, we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any damage arising from following the advice on this website.
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