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Warning for users of anti-virus programs other than AVG: You must NOT run two anti-virus programs on a computer, they will conflict. When the the downloaded AVG 11 file is safely stored in your Downloads folder, uninstall your current anti-virus program . Go to Start --> Control panel-->Add/remove programs.

If you already have an older version of AVG there is no need to uninstall it, the new AVG will do this for you automatically.

AVG has made it difficult to avoid downloading the paid-for version. To ensure you download the free version follow these steps.

Print this page by clicking the button above. Have the page handy so that you can follow the instructions. Then leave this web page on the screen.

If you are on dial-up: Use the cover DVD from PC Advisor magazine and copy the AVG 11 file from the disk into your Downloads folder.

If you are on broadband, access the download website by clicking the web address below

The PCAdvisor Downloads page will appear. Scroll down to find the AVG 11 icon. Click the wording next to it, i.e., AVG antivirus Free Edition. On the next popup panel click and Save the file to your Downloads folder.

Stay on line and then go to your Downloads folder, find the downloaded file called avg_free_stb_en_2011_1152_free. Double click the file. Click Run. Indicate that you Accept the agreement. Click the top radio button for AVG Antvirus Free. Click Next.  A registration code will appear, ignore it or make a note of it. Then on the next popup, select Quick install and click Next.  On the next popup un-tick the two boxes, this will prevent the AVG and Yahoo add-ons from loading.

The next two stages take a while as 114MB has to be downloaded and installed. During the download/install a balloon will appear saying ‘Your computer may be at risk as AVG is turned off’’, ignore it. A pop up will say that a reboot is necessary, click Yes. After restarting, the process of installation continues. After the installation, you will be asked if you want to register. Register if you wish or ignore it by clicking the Finish button. The new version 11 icon will appear on the desktop and a new AVG control panel will also appear. On the left of this panel you will see Update Now and it will be automatically updating. Wait until the word Updating... has changed to Finished. That’s it! 

If you are asked if you wish to Optimize, agree to the Optimize Scanning question. Optimisation takes some time but is worth doing.

AVG 9 freeHow good is AVG 11free? I am a great fan of AVG free, but you may wish to seek another opinion.

The new link scanner works like this; If you do a search on the internet you are presented with a list of search results, rest your cursor on one of those results and you will be told whether it is safe or not.

Configuring AVG 11: This means setting it work to your preferences. The following settings are my own preference but you can alter them to suit yourself.

If you already had AVG 8.0, 8.5 or 9 installed, your previous settings will have been preserved when you installed AVG 11, you can skip the next few paragraphs.

Double Click the AVG 11 icon on the Desktop. On AVG's top menu click click Tools-->Advanced Settings

On the left hand panel, click the icon labelled Email scanner. On the next screen, temporarily place a tick in the box labelled Check outgoing e-mail Un-tick the box below it labelled Certify e-mail Now cancel the temporary tick in the box labelled Check outgoing e-mail.
Under the heading Check incoming e-mail un-tick the box labelled Certify mail. Ensure that the top box is ticked  so that incoming emails are checked.

I do not like automatic scanning every time I switch on.  This daily activity is unnecessary and slows down the start-up process. I only scan my computer for viruses (manually) once a month, OR when odd things are happening You can stop this activity by double clicking the AVG icon on the Desktop. Then on the top menu click Tools-->Advanced Settings On the left hand panel, click the plus sign in the box labelled Schedules, then click Scheduled scan Click the bottom box labelled Enable this task to remove the tick and click Apply. On the left hand panel click Program Update Schedule. Click the bottom box labelled Enable this task to remove the tick and click Apply

Automatic updating: Most people do not like being interrupted by AVG's automatic update. Especially if they are on Dial-up. I like to update when it is convenient, not when AVG dictates. The new version does not let you change from automatic to manual  update, but there is a work around. On AVG's top menu, click Tools-->Advanced

Settings. On the left hand panel, click the plus sign in the box labelled  Schedules, then click Virus database update schedule. Find Run at a specific time and change the time to say 03.00am. Un-tick all the square boxes except under Task settings where Enable this task must be ticked. Click Apply and OK.

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