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AVG 8 free I do not like automatic scanning every time I switch on?  This daily activity is unnecessary and slows down the start-up process. I only scan my computer for viruses manually every two weeks or when odd things are happening. If you did not cancel the automatic scanning during your installation, you can now stop this activity by double clicking the AVG icon on the Desktop . Then on the top menu click Tools-->Advanced Settings. On the left hand panel, click the plus sign in the box labelled Schedules, then click Scheduled scan. Click the bottom box labelled Enable this task to remove the tick and click Apply. On the left hand panel click Program Update Schedule. Click the bottom box labelled Enable this task to remove the tick and click Apply.

Automatic updating: Most people do not like being interrupted by AVG's automatic update. Especially if they are on Dial-up. I like to update when it is convenient, not when AVG dictates. The new version does not let you change from automatic to manual  update, but there is a work around. On AVG's top menu, click Tools-->Advanced Settings. On the left hand panel, click the plus sign in the box labelled  Schedules , then click Virus database update schedule. Find Run at a specific time and change the time to say 03.00am. Un-tick all the square boxes except under Task settings where Enable this task must be ticked. Click Apply and OK.



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So your anti-virus program has found a virus.
Don't panic! The infected file will be repaired byNasty virus your anti-virus program. Calm down, and make a careful note of everything that the Virus Alert notice says. You will be offered a choice of things to do. Choose Repair first.
If this fails, choose Quarantine or (send to the Vault). If that fails, choose Delete.

Viruses which have been repaired, quarantined or deleted are rendered harmless. Your anti-virus program will also alert you to the presence of a worm or Trojan, in which case the Virus Alert notice may say 'Access to the file was denied' or unable to delete or quarantine. This may need expert attention because anti-virus programs are sometimes unable to destroy certain worms or Trojans. Make a careful note of the name and other details of any virus/worm/Trojan. Your computer technician will then be able to find it and destroy it. 

AVG and a blocked web page.
AVG may block a web page and prevent it from loading. As long as AVG blocked the threat you are quite safe, so don't be alarmed.
AVG alert
If you use a search engine to help you deal with this, most search results will say it is a false positive. This is incorrect. AVG has done its job and has located a bit of rogue Javascript containing an advertising link to a dodgy website. The web page has been hacked as a result of poor security at the host. The superb Supanames host was taken over by (in my experience) an inferior company and then two of my websites were hacked. The only remedy is for the webmaster of the hacked web page to change the FTP password and then replace the hacked web page with a clean version. Webmasters will find the bit of rogue code next to the <body> tag.

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