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When disaster strikes, don't Panic!
Don't touch the keyboard, mouse or anything else on your computer, you will probably make things worse. Calm down, make cup of tea, then write down everything that you were doing just before the disaster struck.

Write down exactly what happened including any error messages which appeared on the screen.

Try clicking the Start button , Start button
it may still function despite your current problem.
If it works,  close down in the proper manner and wait for 30 seconds before switching on again.
You may find the problem has vanished. Windows XP is quite good at repairing itself at start-up.

Write down this next piece of advice on a card and stand it against your screen for reference.

Frozen computer?
No response from your mouse or keyboard?
DO NOT SWITCH OFF as this could wreck your expensive hard drive.
To un-freeze your computer, hold down the Ctrl and Alt keys together, then tap the Delete (Del) key. A window will pop up. The stuck program will be high-lighted as Not Responding or Running. Click End task and wait a while. You can repeat the Ctrl, Alt, Delete if more than one program has frozen. Another End Task button may need clicking. If this fails to unfreeze the computer, press the Reset button on your computer, this will close down the computer but will not be as damaging to your precious hard drive as switching off with the computer's Switch-on button. Some of the latest computers do not have a Reset button, these can usually be reset by pressing the 'Switch On' button for about 8 to 10 seconds.

You won't be able to access this website if your computer won't start or your connection internet is faulty. If the computer is stuck (frozen, or hung) you won't be able to access this website.

In which case...

What should you do to find the solution to your problem? There are two ways: (1) view this website using another computer such as a friend's or the library's. (2) While your computer is functioning properly, print out the items from this website which concern crashed and frozen computers or internet failure. Keep them somewhere safe so that you can refer to them in an emergency.

If the computer is still functioning reasonably well, then click the Trouble shoot item on the menu above.

If you get an error message on the screen: type the error message into a search engine such as Bing, Yahoo, or Google. You may find an answer. However, don't fall for any of the instant cures offered, some are expensive others don't work, some are overkill, and some are dangerous.

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