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CD and DVD Problems

CD drive drawer won't open? Even on new computers this is a common problem which is why manufactures provide a tiny hole in the front of the CD drawer. Straighten out one leg of a paper clip. Keep it at right angles to the drawer front as you poke it into the tiny hole. When you feel resistance, push gently until the draw begins to open, then insert your finger nail behind the drawer front so that you can pull the drawer open.

Unable to read a CD-R you created yourself ?
On rare occasions, a CD-R created in one computer may not be readable in another person's computer. This is because some CD writer drives are fussy. The problem can usually be overcome by burning (creating) the CD again, but this time make sure you choose to finalise the disk. If you do not finalise a disk (i.e. leave a disk open so that you can later add more data), it may only be readable in your own CD writer drive.

CD drive vanished. If you can't see the CD/DVD drive in My Computer or Explorer (or Computer in Vista), this is a known problem with Vista. It is nothing to do with the CD/DVD drive, the Windows Vista registry is not very robust and has changed the CD settings in the registry. I have seen several reports on the internet that the following solution works but I have never tried it myself. Download the file from  (Although it says for XP only, all the reports say it also works on Vista). Save it to your Desktop. Create a new folder on your desktop and unzip the downloaded CDgone Patch into the newly created folder.
There will be 3 files in the new folder... a Readme file and two registry (.reg) files (green icons). Double click on the reg file named EditReg and confirm OK to any message windows. Then right click on the reg file named cdgone and select Merge. Again confirm OK to any message windows.
Then restart your computer.

Destroying Backup CDs . Wise people back up the contents of their
My Documents folder to CD-R disks. CD-R disks are the most reliable, I have seen the contents of CD-RW disks vanish occasionally.
CD-R disks are not only more permanent, they are considerably cheaper. However, if you back up say, once every two months, you will eventually accumulate a pile of back-up CD-R disks. How do you dispose of the old ones safely? To prevent identity theft, before binning the CDs, destroy them by scrubbing both sides vigorously with very coarse sandpaper or a carborundum pan scrubber.

Disk won't show pictures in DVD recorder. Some DVD recorders cannot show pictures in .jpg format. Check the DVD recorder manual to see  a list of compatible file types.







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