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Dead Computer

Computer won't start? If the computer is completely dead, make sure the mains connection is plugged firmly into the wall and into the computer. Look at the back of the computer and make sure you have not accidentally moved the rocker switch (on the Power Supply unit) to the off position. If the power is connected but there is no noise and no lights are showing on the computer, the most likely cause is a failed power supply unit (PSU). If this is the case. you are in luck as PSUs are cheap and easily replaced.

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If the computer won't start but you can see lights on the computer and hear fans whirring, make sure you have switched on the monitor and that the power cord is firmly connected. If the monitor is properly connected it may show a message No Signal. This simply means that the computer is not sending anything to the monitor, which is the obvious response if the the computer not switched on. The PSU, the hard drive, the graphics card or the motherboard may be at fault.

Computer starts but it won't load Windows. This is nearly always due to  a corrupt or missing Windows file. It can be caused by turning the computer off incorrectly such as pressing the Switch-on button or pulling the mains plug out. This can corrupt windows files or damage the hard disk.

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