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To download a program from a website, first create a folder named Downloads as follows:- double click My Computer . Double click My Documents: click File then click New . Click Folder , a new folder will appear with the name New folder high-lighted. Type the name Downloads to replace the name New Folder, and then press the Enter key.

Close down the My Computer window. Connect to the website which is offering the download and follow its instructions. Then use My Computer to locate the  file you have downloaded in the Downloads folder.

To install the program or file, usually, you double click the downloaded file to install it. If the download is a zip file, unzip it with the free Winzip program.

For a list of 200 safe legal music retailers such as, Tesco, MSN Music Club UK, Napster, Wanadoo, etc go to
These sites may charge a reasonable fee (from 40p per track) for downloading music, but they are safe and they guarantee the sound quality. You can even find safe legal music sites which are free, search the name of a favourite musician or group, or find a label's own site, but do be careful.

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Downloading free music: I often have to repair computers infected with Malware (Trojans, Premium rate Diallers, and HiJackers). The repairs can be lengthy and costly. The cause is nearly always children illegally downloading free music. Malware can also arrive through pornographic websites. All P2P (Peer to Peer) sites offering free music downloads seem to be in league with sick minds spreading dangerous infections and pornography. For instance Kazaa (now closed down) was linked with Altnet which can hijack (take control of) Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.

A recent USA government study searched on Kazaa for pop singers, smileys and cartoon characters. Half of them contained some form of pornography. Some illegal music websites claim they now have a 'Family Filter'. However, you should not trust sites involved in illegal P2P activities such as Kazaa, Grokster, LimeWire, GTK-Gnutella.
Even 'paid-for' music and video have been exploited by criminals. Never use 360share or Ultimate Movie Downloads, they are expensive scams.
Pop-up messages and adverts are symptoms of infection. Malware can slow your computer to a crawl. Anti virus programs are not designed to detect Malware, nor can they delete most Trojans. Hijackers are difficult to remove. Registering at a P2P site may commit you to unwittingly agreeing to act as an illegal distributor of spam and pornography.

The only safe absolutely way to prevent infection from P2P sites is never to download free music. The cost of repairing an infected computer far outweighs the savings made by stealing music. The British Phonographic Industry claims that parents have been fined huge sums for allowing children to upload illegal music. The charity Childnet International has a pamphlet titled 'Young People, Music and the Internet'; it can be viewed, or downloaded, or it can be sent by post; log on to

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