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How to email pictures & photos

Email iconSending photos by email: Assuming you are using Windows XP and the photograph(s) is/are stored in the proper place, i.e. in the My Pictures folder , compress the photos as follows .
Sending one picture
Open the folder My Pictures and find the photo. Click it, then on the left hand blue panel click Email this file.
A dialog box labelled Send pictures via email will pop-up .
Picture compression window

Choose Make all my pictures smaller and click OK .
(If the dialog box does not appear and the photo is sent straight to Outlook Express, you have a problem.  Click Here to resolve the problem)
After clicking OK , the Outlook Express window will pop-up with the compressed picture already sitting in the Attachment field.

Complete the email in the usual way (enter the recipient, the subject and write the email content) and send it.

To send higher quality pictures choose Show more options . Look at the bottom article in the the right hand column -->

Practice by emailing a picture to yourself.

Sending a group of pictures
Open the My Pictures folder and find the photos. Click on them (select them) by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking the photos you wish to send. Then on the left hand blue panel click Email the selected items.
A panel will pop-up labelled Send pictures via email. Make all my pictures smaller and click OK . The Outlook Express window will pop-up with the compressed pictures already in the attachment field (the pictures sent will have the same dimensions, but their files will be compressed) .
Now write the email and send it.

Improve the quality of emailed pictures: Compressed photos have reduced quality but are suitable for most purposes except producing large prints. You can send better quality compressed pictures by using the above method; but instead of selecting Make all my Pictures smaller click the words Show More Options (underlined in blue). In the next panel ro pop up you will see 3 compression options. The bigger the figure chosen, the less the picture will be compressed, its quality will be higher, but the picture will take longer to send and receive.

The compressed size for a one Megbyte picture will be as follows:

Small (640 x 480) final size 64Kbytes
Medium (800 x 600) final size 95Kbytes
Large (1024 x 768) final size 152Kbytes.

NOTE: compression also reduces the the physical dimensions of the picture, but this is usually a very good thing as photos down loaded from a camera are far too big for a computer screen.

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