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Error Messages

It would not be practical to list all the error messages here because there are hundreds of them.
If an error message occurs, write it down very carefully so that a computer technician can suggest a cure. You could research the message yourself by typing the message into a search engine such as Bing, Yahoo, or Google.
Be careful not to download ready-made solutions, they usually cost money and are not always successful.

Many error messages are one-off, they may never occur again. The problem may go away after a shut down and restart.

If a Microsoft panel pops up and suggests you send a report on the error message don't bother, click Don't Send. If you get an emailed reply it is rarely useful.

Illegal operation. This very common error message, though frightening for beginners, it can be safely ignored. The Illegal operation was caused by the program itself, not by anything you did (so you won't be arrested).
Also your computer is not developing a fault. Poor programming is the most likely cause, so blame Microsoft or whoever designed the program you were using at the time.

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STOP errors: 'Stop' errors are the most drastic. The computer crashes to halt and the screen goes dark blue with white writing.
A typical Stop error would take a form as follows:-
One cause of this error would be an unsuitable driver or out-dated driver. The driver does not match the version of Windows on the computer.

Stop error messages usually contain a clue to the reason for the crash. For instance, the error message STOP 0x0000002E - NTFS _FILE_ SYSTEM indicates that there is a problem with your NTFS formatted hard drive such as a serious amount of fragmentation.

In another instance, the error message STOP0x0000008E gave the name of a faulty file in amongst its string of gobbledygook, the file was ati2dvag.dll.
This indicated that the driver for the Ati graphics card was incorrect. On checking I found that the drivers for a Windows 2000 computer had been installed instead of drivers for Windows XP. Installing the correct drivers solved the problem.

Some Stop error messages are very obscure. for instance:- STOP 0xC0000221 - unknown hardware error.
This message usually means that a Windows system file has been corrupted. The file must be corrected or, if it can't be located, Windows will have to be re-installed.

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