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Frozen computer? No response from your mouse or keyboard?
DO NOT SWITCH OFF as this could wreck your expensive hard drive.
To un-freeze your computer, hold down the Ctrl and Alt keys together, then tap the Delete (Del) key. A window will pop up. The stuck program will be high-lighted. Click End task and wait a while.

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You can repeat the Ctrl, Alt, Delete if more than one program has frozen (but with Windows 98, don't click End Task for the Explorer or Systray programs).

If the computer is still frozen, try clicking the Start button on the screen and see if you can Restart or close down from there.

If this fails press the Reset button on your computer, this will close down the computer but is less likely to damage your precious hard drive. Some of the latest computers do not have a Reset button, these can usually be reset by pressing the 'Switch On' button for about 8 or 10 seconds (check your computer manual to see how long to hold down the button).

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