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Hard Drive short of space

If Hibernate is enabled then Windows will create a whopping big file called hyberfil.sys

To get rid of the file you will need to stop using the Hibernate feature. To do this click Start-->Control Panel-->Power Options
-->Hibernate. Un-tick the Enable Hibernate feature. Click OK.

Check how much room is left on your hard disk?
Double click My Computer. Right click the hard drive (Local drive) icon, then click Properties. This will show you the space remaining on your hard disk. If you have used up 90% or more, it is time you had a clear out. Even if the drive is only 20% full, you will speed up your computer a little by clearing out the rubbish. The Windows XP virtual memory file alone needs 1.5 Gbyte of free hard disk space.
(1) Delete unwanted documents and spreadsheets
(2) Delete old emails (look in each mail box, i.e, the Inbox, Deleted items, and Sent items.
When deleting emails use Shift plus Delete , otherwise you are simply moving emails into the Deleted items folder.
(3) Delete any unwanted or poor quality clip art (most of the clip art supplied with MS Office or Works is unusable anyway).
(4) Especially delete unwanted photographs, video and music files as these take up vast amounts of space.

(5) Next, run Disk clean up.
Click Start-->All Programs--> Accessories--> System Tools
--> Disk clean up
. Then Delete all the Temporary files and the temporary internet files. Be sure to un-tick the box next to Compressed Old Files.
(6) Defragment the drive: Disconnect from the internet. In the notification area (bottom right of screen) RIGHT click the AVG icon then on the pop-up menu click Exit. Ignore any warning that pops up, AVG will restart itself when you restart the computer.
Now click Start-->All Programs-->Accessories --> System Tools-->Disk Defragmenter.
In the next window click the Analyze button. When the window has finished analyzing click the Defragment button. You will see the program re-arranging the files on your disk, it could take anything from 1 to 8 hours depending on how badly fragmented your disk is.
When the process is complete, restart your computer using
Start--> Turn off Computer -->then click Restart

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