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Accidental deletion

Avast free anti-virus

AVG free anti-virus

Backing up your data.

Banking, internet

Basic precautions E


Buying computers and components

Buying a website

Camera, digital

Deleting  E

Display, screen or monitor, adjusting.

Disposing of old computers

Downloading files or programs

DOCX files, how to open

Email, how to E

Email several people at once

Email pictures/photos

Email, set up an account

Files & folder, manage E

Green issues

Help, seeking help

Hoaxes, how to recognise

Internet, how to use E

Internet, set up an account

Installing programs

Keyboard  E

Lost Files

Monitor screen or display


Printers and printing

Screen (monitor), adjusting.

Security, general E

Security (spies) E

Security (viruses) E

Selecting (highlighting) E

Shut down safely E


Spies, prevention

Un-install programs safely


Web Design & choosing a designer

Windows, basics E

Windows 8.1, configuring

Windows 10

Windows XP, configuring

Windows, versions

Word processing with Word

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