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Keyboard problems

Letters delete instead of inserting.   The keyboard
When you try to insert text the word processor deletes letters instead of inserting them. This means you have accidentally pressed the Insert key. Press it again to revert to Insert mode.

Keys giving wrong symbols?
When you tap @ do you get ", and does pressing £ give you #. Dates and currency may also be in an undesirable format. This means your keyboard has been set to the American specification. Set it to UK English like this:-
Click Start-->Control Panel-->Regional and Language Options. In the next dialogue box, under the Regional Options tab, Select English (United Kingdom) in the first field. In the last field under Location select United Kingdom .
On the same dialogue box click the tab labelled Advanced. Select English (United Kingdom) in the top field. In the bottom field select United Kingdom. Now click the tab labelled Languages. Click the button labelled Details. A dialogue box will appear, in the top field select English (United Kingdom). In the pane below that, you may see both English and US. If so, select the US one and click the Remove button. If the only one displayed is US, then click the Add button and add the UK, then remove the US item. Click Apply and then click OK. Click Apply and then click OK on the next dialogue box. Close the Control Panel.

Spilled liquid into your keyboard? Turn off the computer. Unplug the keyboard. Turn the keyboard over and shake it onto a towel or newspaper. Let the liquid drain out of the keyboard. With the keyboard still upside down, wipe it all over with a towel to remove as much moisture as possible. Put the keyboard in a warm airing cupboard for at least three days to dry out slowly. NEVER use a hair dryer or any other form of heating. When you think the keyboard has dried out, connect it to the computer then start the computer. Keep your fingers crossed. If it is ruined, ah well you did your best to rescue it. The moral of this story is keep liquids well away from computers.

What if the liquid was sugary and therefore sticky? Keyboards are cheap so buy another. If you wish to try a more drastic solution, switch off, detach the keyboard and swill it under a tap until  you think the stickiness has been washed away. Then follow the procedure in the previous paragraph.


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