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Finding Lost Files and Folders

Finding lost Files: It happens to us all at times; you save a file using
File-->Save As...
and you forget to save it in the appropriate folder. To locate the lost file with Windows XP, click Start-->Search. From the list of file types, Choose the type of file you have lost, e.g. picture, music or document, or all files. Enter the name or part of the name of the lost file then click Search. Your lost file will eventually appear in the right hand window. Double click it to open it, then use File-->Save as... to save it in the correct folder. When searching, try clicking Use advanced search options, you will be presented with other ways of finding that lost file, for instance, its date, or a word within the document. To become familiar with the Search facility, practise searching for any file, you can't do any harm. If you are using Windows XP, that the cute little dog either looks in a book or digs for a bone, rather twee perhaps, but it does help to pass the time during a search.

For a faster, superior program for finding lost files, try the latest incarnation of the old favourite Copernic. It can be downloaded from the internet for free. When installed it will take some time to index all the files on your computer, it does this behind the scenes so that you will not be interrupted. Once the files are indexed, a search for a lost files is very fast and informative.

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