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Mouse Problems

Ball Mouse: A sticking, jerky mouse is very irritating. Turn the mouse over and turn the ball cover in the direction of the arrows to remove the cover and the ball. Some ball covers do not rotate, they need to be pushed in the direction of the arrow instead. Inside you will see two black rollers and a small wheel shaped roller. With a wooden tooth pick, or the clip on the cap of a ball point pen, or your little finger nail, gently scrape every bit of filth off the rollers. Rotate the rollers as you scrape. Blow the debris out. Be very careful when cleaning the small wheel-shaped roller, if this roller is lying in shallow grooves it can pop out and lose itself in your carpet. Clean the ball with slightly soapy water and dry it thoroughly. Pop the ball back in the mouse and replace the ball cover. The mouse picks up dirt from your mouse mat, so always keep your mouse mat absolutely clean.

A worn ball: If you move the mouse and the cursor does not respond very promptly, the ball could be worn down or your mouse mat is too shiny. I suggest you buy a USB optical mouse.

If your mouse needs frequent cleaning, buy an optical mouse, these have no ball and therefore never need cleaning.
While you are at it, buy a USB optical mouse, this can be plugged in or disconnected without fear of wrecking your mother board.

USB optical mouse: These mice are excellent and never need cleaning, but if the cursor does not respond to mouse movements you may have the wrong colour mouse mat. Test this by putting a different colour sheet of paper under the mouse. Optical mice are not too fond of shiny surfaces.

A real mouse

Wireless Mice. I am not a great fan of wireless mice as they seem rather temperamental. However, when they work they are fine. 

If your mouse has a round connector (PS2 connector), never disconnect or connect the mouse while the computer is switched on; this could blow the circuit on an older motherboard (that is the computer's very expensive main circuit board).



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