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Pop Up messages

Pop-up messages:
Click Yes, OK or Install on the following pop-ups:
(i) Outlook Express can compact messages...
(ii) Windows Updates are ready to install...

Internet Explorer 8 has an excellent pop-up blocker which prevents undesirable pop-ups. In Internet Explore, click Tools-->Pop up Blocker
-->Turn on Pop up Blocker.

If you have undesirable pop-ups, be sure to scan your computer with your anti-spy programs.

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Unwanted pop-ups are installed by spy programs and viruses. Others called Messenger adverts will pester a computer that does not have a firewall installed.

To stop Windows Messenger Adverts: install a firewall if you do not have one. Or make sure your windows XP firewall is working properly. Click Start-->Control Panel and then double click the Windows firewall icon. Make sure the firewall is On.

If Windows Messenger adverts continue to pop up then more drastic action is needed.
Click Start-->Control Panel then double click Administrative tools. Double click Services . Scroll down until you see Messenger. Right click on Messenger and choose Properties. In the Service status section at the bottom, click on Stop. Now alter the Start up type to Disable. Click OK and then restart the computer.

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