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If you change your email address you will want to notify everyone in your address book. The following technique also applies if you wish to notify a number of people about an event, or send Christmas greetings.

Don't broadcast everyone's email address, use the Bcc (blind copy) method as follows:-

Add your own email address into the Address Book.

Delete any redundant addresses in the Address Book (click them and press the Delete key).

Click Create New Mail, then click the tiny book with the word ' To' next to it.

In the list of addresses click your own address and click the other ' To' button (on the right) to put your own address into the first field. This sends the email to you as well as the 10 recipients. This tells you that the email was sent, and more importantly it enables you to inspect the sent emails (see the Aunt Agatha paragraph at the foot of the next column).     

If you have more than 10 addresses in your Outlook Express address book. Don't select all the addresses otherwise your ISP will assume you are spamming and your email will be blocked. The best plan is to send a maximum of 10 recipients at a time.

Click the first address in the list, hold down the Shift key and tap the arrow to go down the list and select 10 addresses. Then, to omit the ones that you wish to exclude from the round robin, hold down the Ctrl key and click the ones to be excluded

Random email addresses selected

Make a note of the last one in the list so that you don't have to remember which ones you have already selected.

Now click the button labelled Bcc (Blind copy). All the selected recipients will pour into the Bcc window.
Click OK .

Type the Subject and the email message in the usual way and Send the message to your Outbox . Then send it by the usual method i.e., clicking Send/Receive . The Bcc addresses will not be visible to the recipients and so you will not be broadcasting everyone's email address.

Now select the next batch of 10 addresses and repeat the process until everyone is informed.

NOTE: you may receive notices that some of the addresses were 'Undeliverable'. Thus means that the people concerned have changed their email address. You will have to phone them to find their new address.

Did I include Aunt Agatha? After emailing everyone you may wonder if you included Aunt Agatha in the blind copy list. To find out, Open the Sent Items folder. Right click the first round-robin email, then click Properties.
Click the Details tab to view the list of recipients. Repeat this on the other round-robin emails until you have determined whether Aunt Agatha was included.



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