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Shut down Safely

Switching off properly.
The Start button on the screenAlways switch off the proper way. Click the Start  button then click Turn off computer, then click Turn off. Failure to follow this procedure may corrupt the Windows program and your computer will need expensive attention.Windows 7 start button

The start button is circular on Windows 7 or Vista

Click Start then Shut Down if you have Windows 7 or Vista .

What if your computer is Frozen?
No response from your mouse or keyboard? Do NOT switch off.
Click Frozen to see how to use the Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys to un-freeze the computer.

If all else failsll else fails and the computer will not shut down, DO NOT SWITCH OF THE COMPUTER you will damage the hard drive, or corrupt Windows, or both. Instead you should press the re-set or re-start button on the computer. Modern computers may not have a restart button, in that case hold down the 'Switch on button' for between 7 and 10 seconds.

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