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Start up Problems

Why does my computer beep when it starts up? One beep means all is well with the electro-mechanical bits of the computer. Compaq computers sometimes beep twice. Some modern computers have dispensed with the start-up beep altogether. If it beeps more than twice you have a problem.

Start up takes a long time. The computer is trying to load too many programs at start up. Some of these programs need not be loaded at start up and should be accessed only when you need them.
Use the Configuration utility to determine which programs can be prevented from loading at start up.

Is AVG 11 automatically scanning when you switch on? This daily activity is unnecessary and slows down the start-up process. I only scan my computer for viruses (manually) once a month . When the automatic scan is running, you will see two AVG icons in the Notification area, the automatic scan one will have a little white triangle (not to be confused with the rotating icon which indicates an email is being scanned). To stop automatic scanning, double click the AVG icon on the Desktop. Then click the Control Center button. Click Scheduler. (you may have to use the arrow keys to move down to Scheduler). Click the Scheduled Tasks button. Click Test Plan in basic mode. Click the Edit Schedule button. Un-tick the box next to Periodically start scheduled antivirus test . Click OK. Close the Scheduled tasks window and close down AVG.

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If the computer is it is totally dead with no lights and no noise at all. Check that the power is connected. Check the fuse. Is the connector on the back of the computer pushed fully home? If you have a toggle switch on the back of the computer, have you accidentally moved to the 'off' position. The toggle switch  is located close to the power socket input. The bit labelled 'O' should be up, and the bit labelled 'I' should be pressed down. Click Dead computer to see what might be the cause of a dead computer.

If the computer appears to start but the screen remains blank. Check the monitor's power and graphics cable are they both firmly plugged in at both ends? Most monitors have a mains switch under the screen or on the front of the screen, make sure this is in the on position.

If the computer gets as far as the Windows XP welcome screen but then it sticks. The most likely cause is a corrupted Windows file. This happens if you shut down incorrectly or you have a virus which has corrupted a Windows File. This could also be caused by a hard drive problem or a faulty memory module.

If the computer starts but it sticks when trying to finish loading the Desktop. The computer is having difficulty loading a program or driver. You will have to determine which program or which piece of equipment is causing the problem. Restart the computer and tap F8 at half second intervals while the computer is starting up. A black screen should appear with white writing. Select Safe Mode and continue. When you are in safe mode the screen looks ghastly, but this is normal as the computer has loaded a very basic graphics driver. If the Desktop appears and does not stick, i.e., you can move the mouse pointer and click things, then you can explore and perhaps find the cause of the problem.

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