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Hard disk becoming short of space

If your hard disk is almost full even after clearing out all redundant items, you should consider installing a second hard drive. Fitting an extra internal hard drive is faster and cheaper than any other solution. You will need to open the computer to fit it. Be sure to buy the right type for your computer. Internal drives may be either EIDE or SATA. Check your computer’s motherboard manual to see which type of drive to buy. Older computers will be EIDE. The latest will probably have SATA sockets. A SATA hard drive should come with a cable adapter to link to the PSU (power supply unit) inside your computer. Make sure you fit the jumper correctly on the rear of the new drive.

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How much room is left on your hard disk?
To find out, double click My Computer .
Right click the hard drive (usually C: Local drive) icon, then click Properties. This will show you the space remaining on your hard disk. If you have used up 90% or more, it is time you had a clear out. You will also speed up your computer by clearing out the rubbish.

When you view the Properties (as above) you will see a Cleanup button click that and clear out any temporary and temporary internet files.

Some programs create huge files which can clog your hard disk.
The Zone Alarm firewall stores log files and they grow like topsy. You will find them in the Internet logs folder. To delete them you will need to turn Zone Alarm off first.
Windows creates a huge file called hyberfil.sys  Disable Hibernation to prevent this file from growing.

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