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Un-install  programs.

NEVER TRY TO un-install a program by deleting its files and folders. The programs details will remain in the Registry and the computer will be forever looking for the deleted items. Moving a Desktop icon into the Recycle bin removes the icon but not the program.
This is how you should remove programs:-

Start-->Control panel. Double click the Add/Remove Programs icon. You have to wait while the computer 'populates' the window. Eventually a list of installed programs will appear. Click the program you wish to un-install. A Remove button will appear, (there may also be a Change button, ignore this one). Click the Remove button and follow the instructions.







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Un-install Windows components.
Start-->Control panel. Double click the Add/Remove Programs icon.
Click Add/Remove Windows Components.

You will be presented with a confusing list of Windows components and even more confusing instructions. This is what they all mean:-

Un-install Windows components

Ticked boxes relate to already installed components.
An empty box means that the component is not installed.
A grey box means that some bits of the component are installed but not all of them. In this case, to see which bits are installed, double click the component.
To un-install a component click its box to remove the tick. Do not tick or un-tick any other boxes.
Click the Next button. Windows will add or remove the component (you may be asked to insert the Windows XP installation disk).

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