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Upgrading. Think carefully before upgrading your computer or your software. Replacing your hard drive with a bigger one means transferring your programs and data to the bigger hard disk which can be tricky. The most effective and trouble free upgrade would be to increase the amount of memory called RAM in your present computer.  Carefully check the requirements of any new hardware or software because your present computer may not be able to cope with it.

Don't confuse Upgrading with Updating. For instance to update a free anti virus program such as AVG no cost is involved. To upgrade AVG free version to the Internet Security version costs money.

Upgrading by buying the latest version of Windows may require new drivers for your printer, camera and scanner. Your computer may not be able to cope. For instance Vista and Windows 7 need at least 2Gb of RAM to operate at least a the speed of XP.

Upgrading software can be problematic, you may not have enough RAM memory, or your hard disk may be too small for the new program.

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