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Windows 10: If you have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you will have seen the Windows 10 icon at the bottom right of your screen. Having clicked the icon to register for the Windows 10, you will be able to download W10 into your Downloads folder. Apparently you need not download it immediately although some people report that the Install later button just installed it anyway.You have until July 28th 2016 to download and install the new version free of charge. After that you will have to pay for it (about £100).
If after a month or two you don’t see the W10 icon, access this website:


Bogus Windows 10 email: If you receive an email offering a Windows 10 installation kit, delete it immediately. It has the email address which is nothing to do with Microsoft; it comes from criminals in Russia, India, France and USA. The email contains an attached zip file. If you open the attachment it will lock your files and demand a ransom of nearly £400.

What to download: If you have the Home version of Windows 7 or 8.1, download the Home version of Windows 10. If you have the Pro version, download the Pro version of Windows 10.

Windows 7 must have service pack 1 installed. To check this, click the Start button and then RIGHT click Computer. Click Properties. On the next panel, view the line below the copyright statement, if you see SP1 then the service pack is installed.

The best news about Windows 10: Microsoft say Windows 10 will be the
LAST VERSION of the Windows operating system. There will be no Windows 11. Future updates to Windows 10 will download automatically and unobtrusively in the background.

Emails: Don't be bullied into using web mail for your emails such as g-mail. Resist this unless you enjoy obstacle courses and you don’t mind your email being stored on a remote server that might allow any Tom, Dick or Hacker to harvest information from your emails. However, if you use, Microsoft has promised that the content of your emails will not be sold to other organisations. By far the best solution is to download and use Windows Live Mail which replaced Outlook Express.

The new browser that comes bundled with Windows 10 is no longer Internet Explorer, it is now called Edge. Comments on this browser so far, say it knocks spots off the competition, i.e., Firefox, Chrome. Pity about the daft name. Unfortunately Microsoft have copied Chrome and Firefox and buried all the useful tools in remote places. To change the home page to your preferred page, click the three dots on the top right of the browser and then click Choose settings. Under Open With choose Custom. In the next field type your preferred home page address, for example

To remove the need to logon with a password click HERE

To shut down a W10 computer, the button has moved to the lower left of the Start panel and is now labelled Power. The shut-down button is the same as Windows 7 on the Classic Shell version of the Start panel.

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Upgrading to Windows 10: If you registered for the upgrade to W10, you may not have received the program yet because it is being rolled out gradually. For instance mine arrived on 24th November 2015, four months after the launch date.
Don't fret about the delay because later downloads will have more of the initial bugs removed.
When the download is ready for you, a notification will appear in the right hand corner of your screen. When you have downloaded Windows 10 into your computer you can can save it into your downloads folder or you can install it immediately. You have until 28th July 2016 in which to install it.

Warning: Download and install when you have plenty of time to spare. The downloading and installing will take approximately one and a half, to two and a half hours depending on your broadband speed and the speed and age of your computer. You must not interrupt the process.

If after installing W10 you find you don’t like it, you have one month in which you can revert to W7 or W8/8.1. You will not have a recovery DVD, so what should you do if the computer needs a re-installation at some future date? Microsoft says you will be able to reinstall it using a program on your computer that is part of W10.
When downloaded and ready to install: You will be told that several automatic restarts will occur during the installation. During the installation period the process sometimes appears to stick. It has not stuck so be patient and WAIT. You may see a progress report in small font at the bottom of the screen. When the "Agreement" pops up, accept it. In the next stage The installation process will configure the W10 settings. Accept the Express settings and click Next. You will then see occasional messages and the background colour will pulse slowly from dark blue to a lighter blue.

The installer will announce that it has removed some programs that are not compatible with Windows 10. It may even offer to download a compatible version of the removed programs; accept the offer.

The Start button: The panel that appears when you click the W10 Start button is not to everybody's taste. I hate the ugly square icons and the grim black background, also I have no use for those daft Apps. To revert to the Windows XP or Windows 7 start  panel and to get rid of those Apps, download and install Classic Shell for Windows 10 and choose your favourite appearance (Windows XP or Windows 7 or customised). Classic Shell is free and can be downloaded from h

W10 Start panel                     Classic Shell-start

The confusing Windows 10 panel         The clean Classic Shell panel

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